White Things – Daniel Levine

Visual Discrepancies

Installation at Churner and Churner 2014

Visual: You know I’ve always loved the idea of making a white painting, a monochrome, a square, white, monochrome painting. And a lot of my colleagues have had that love too. And I think we’ve all tried our hand at it. I remember when we got close, when we thought it was time, we could talk about the philosophical aspects for hours, about the purity, taking the self out of the work, working within the limits, the unlimited, the vastness, the ever present ‘present’ presenting itself differently, and every time…

But seldom in the studio would we have that same conversation. There was either no white monochrome painting there to discuss, or if there was, it wasn’t something you wanted to talk about. In idea each of us had understood what it means to make a white painting, but in the making, the real – the content, drama, and the…

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